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Selling your restaurant can be a life changing event. Your decision to sell can be brought on by a variety of factors, including a change in location, finances or lifestyle. Whatever the reason, sellers should be aware of online resources that can make the transaction more efficient and effective.

According to a recent Yahoo poll, two-thirds of Americans dream of owning their own business. Potential buyers are always looking, and many of them look online. Not surprisingly, restaurants are the type of business that is most frequently bought and sold online. Data from a major online business marketplace, shows that nearly 15 percent of business listings were restaurants, making it the largest category of businesses for sale.

Key Points To Sell Your Restaurant

  • Selling a business is not something to rush!
  • Assess the financial situation of your business properly and create reports detailing potential growth and revenue.
  • Evaluate the need of modernizing any outdated systems that might deter buyers once the restaurant hits the market.
  • Bring deferred maintenance up-to-date. When potential Buyers see items that need fixing - they often wonder about the condition of things they can't see!
  • Prepare a Business Information Package that includes:
    • - Copy of lease(s)
    • - 2 yrs Financial Statements [P&L]
    • - Seating capacity
    • - Code requirements
    • - List of furnishings fixtures and equipment with acquisition cost and current market value
    • - List of strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate the need to use a Business Broker
  • Price your business accurately.
    The price your restaurant will sell for depends in large part on both its revenues and the restaurant's record of profitability. Sales data shows the price-to-revenues multiple for restaurants averaging 0.46 and the price-to-cash-flow multiple average to be 2.23 To keep the restaurant running smoothly during the selling process, confidentiality is a significant factor for business sellers.
  • Be honest, people will tend to be less skeptical, and you will probably sell your business faster.
  • Prepare a Buyer Profile/Disclosure form to qualify potential buyers. You need to know about their financial strength and business skills before you give out the confidential information on your restaurant in the Business Information Package. Be ready for inquiries from people who are not serious about buying. Sellers often encounter people who have the dream, but no realistic intention of going through with a deal.

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